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EcoAction Foundation

Long term sustainable plan Participatory activities to raise concern. Donate old books to local kids.



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Your Contribution

5% of your payment directly supports the non-profit projects for the conservation and local communities.


Travel Ambassador

"Be the change and witness" to spread the ecotourism and responsible travel. Share your responsible travel story.

Scientific Expedition


How we do?

Research: We establish strategic and community partnerships to support multi-disciplinary research projects in some of the outstanding areas of ecological and cultural value. We support scientific field research related to sustainable development conducted by China's leading scientists in a broad range of disciplines, throughout people's contribution of time, talent and money. At EcoAction expedition, you will get "your hand dirty" experiences of real field research.

Education: Nature is the best classroom for everyone. From K-12 School projects, Internship, to Volunteering, ranging from climate change, culture sustaining, conservation to "live in the field", we design activities aiming to promote our education to nature, and to build critical thinking, self-development for young people.

K-12 School  →   Internship  →   Lifelong Learning
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What & Why Scientific Expedition

Working with scientists for a better world for all.
With the best scientists of China as our consultants, leaders, scientific background of our people, EcoAction engage people in critical scientific field research and education, focussing on biodiversity conservation, culture sustaining, climate change, to promote the understanding, appreciation and action for nature and culture.

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Why volunteering is important? Many survey projects would not be possible using only professional ecologists. And as scientist said, a pragmatic reason for using volunteers is that they are increasingly willing to pay to be involved in environmental science, unlocking new revenue for conservation. Additionally, the involvement of volunteers from the wider public in conservation-based research also increases the public's environmental awareness and understanding of scientific issues.