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Community Story

2015-08-19 10:43:51   By  Luo Peng    Reads(1420)

Local Ethnic Community- Empowerment

The key of any conservation story is still people. It is essential and indispensable to involve local people in protecting their own home and environment. EcoAction's core value and proposition is to empower local community and give them a decent alternative to live on.

Liziping Nature Reserve locates in the Yi Minority County, where a village is only several kilometers away. Besides the environmental education to locals, we hope sustainable agriculture and byproducts- fair trade tourism, can economically help local people, so as to involve them positively in conservation.

Au Jihua is a very successful story of local participation. Jiahua, Yi, was born and grew up in the village and now is working in the reserve on pandas tracking project. He has also helped and guided several PhD students in the wild. Jiahua is one of our local guides in the reserve.

article image
Jia-hua is singing a Yi toasting song for our guests. By Luo Peng
article image
Yi Traditional Clothing, Jihua's daughter and her friend. By Ou Jia-hua