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Conservation Story

2015-08-19 11:07:27   By  Luo Peng    Reads(1400)

Key Aim of Conservation and Independence

As we believe, the aim of conservation is to help the wild creatures live in the nature independently freely. We respect different lives, because we human are only a species of this world, equal to other thousands of species.

The key work (most challenging too) of Giant Panda conservation nowadays, is to send captive-bred pandas back to the wild and track them reproduction successfully in the wild. At the Liziping Nature Reserve, Ya'an, Sichuan, captive-bred pandas were released and have been tracking and under surveillance through GPS hoop by scientists. Every single day, the scientists and staff of the reserve travel over mountains to track the pandas.

article image
Panda captured by the infrared camera, by Liziping National Nature Reserve