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SCAVENGER at the Botanical Garden

2015-08-19 10:01:14   By  Luo Peng    Reads(1440)

The Botanical Garden at the Institute of Botany, CAS, covers 72 ha with 20.7 hm2 of display areas. Among the display areas are the Arboretum, the Perennial Garden, the Rose Garden, the Magnolia and Peony Garden, the Medicinal Herb Garden, the Gymnosperm Section, the Wild Fruit Tree Resources Section, the Environment-Protection Plants Section, the Aquatic and Climbing Plants Garden, the Rare and Endangered Plants Section, the Crape Myrtle Garden, and the Tropical and Subtropical Plant Houses. The Botanical Garden had a collection of nearly 6000 plant species and varieties from home and abroad, which is one of the largest site for ex situ conservation among the botanical gardens in China.

Now start your navigation at the garden and find the TREASURES!

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Perfect for family and company events!
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Our base is right by the Chaohe, by CHEN Yun

Nature Activities

Morning session

Orientation 30mins
Ice breaking
Know about each other: Nature Names& Wind Coming
Introduction of the even

Knowledge accumulation 1.5h
Interpretational tour guided by the botanist

Afternoon session

Awaken enthusiasm
Owls& Crows, 15mins

Focus attention
Find the treasures in a group (family), 30mins

Direct experience
Silent Sharing Walk to Meet A Beauty, 15mins
Memorize the 'beauty', 1h
Photography, Drawing, Rubbing and D.I.Y

Share inspiration
Show the works and share the experience, 30mins

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