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EcoAction Foundation

Long term sustainable plan Participatory activities to raise concern. Donate old books to local kids.



EcoAction's brochures are full of amazing travel inspiration.


Your Contribution

5% of your payment directly supports the non-profit projects for the conservation and local communities.


Travel Ambassador

"Be the change and witness" to spread the ecotourism and responsible travel. Share your responsible travel story.

About EcoAction

Responsible business

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Environmental responsibility - conservation and sustainability

Social responsibility - local participation and empowerment

Economic responsibility - sustainable development for local community

Spiritual responsibility - for Wellbeing

Only us
Nature reserves all over China
Scientific research projects
Scientists as guides
Environment and culture combination

Our Service
All-included Travel package
Destination management
Local community empowerment

Why still Ecotourism?

At the first place, we hesitate to use the buzzword- Ecotourism. As a overused word, ecotourism is not what it should be representative for most of the time. As a new born (founded in 2013) but strong purpose driven business, what we are doing is the pioneering work to change the industry (as our great dream). Yes, it is the real Ecotourism we are implementing and hopefully is to set up an ethical example.

Why we can but others cannot?

Since we cooperate with local nature reserves and scientists, as well as our long relationship, we design all the projects based on the grounded needs. In the other hand, we lead you to the most authentic places you may never go, and provide you the most authentic experiences you may not gain. It's never a check-in trip, but the real local life.

The 5P

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The most important four Ps: PURPOSE of benefiting PEOPLE and PLANET with everlasting PASSION make the key and solid foundation of our business- Profit.